Monday, July 19, 2010


A few parting shots before leaving Cambodia, visited a nice temple this morning with the crew, still a little shaky from the revenge, but made it through. Brian and I decided to take a quick shower after lunch, by that time the heat had to be in the 100's with 90+ humidity, sweating like 10,000, ( have to be a vet to know what I mean). We were invited down to the pool for beverages with Sarah, Rebecca, and David, but that didn't last long, heat! So we all decided to meet later for dinner and a visit to the night market as our last official night in Cambodia, 7ish.
Looking at the sky, didn't look good around 5ish, I was right, suddenly, boom! thunder and lightning like 10'000, monsoon rains, the likes I haven't seen since the war, I mean hard! Brian and I looked at one another and said, so much for dinner and night market, right. 6:30 rolls around and David call's asking if we're still up to go out, mind you it's still raining like crazy, and the hotel parking lot is now flooded. Should we , shouldn't we, yes , no, yes, get ready let's go.
We make it down stairs, there's David, Rebecca, Sarah, then comes Jeanie, and then there's papa bear Mike, by this time we're all looking at one another, should we do this or not, mean time more thunder and lighting. We look outside there's the van to pick us up, lets go!
We head to "Pub Street", the local tourist crawl for beverages and food. Long story short, after dinner some pool, it's time to head back. By the way, 5 minutes after we arrive at Pub Street it stopped raining, go figure, and a good time was had by all!
Tomorrow, 2 connecting flight's to HO CHI MINH CITY, then on to HUE City.
The journey continues!

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  1. Hi Steve looks like you are having fun. I talked to Laura today. She is staying out of trouble. She is keeping her parties down to a minimum. She tells me that you are eating a lot of insects. Yum, yum. I like your blog. Take care. See you soon April