Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We're here, I don't know how people do this? The day was brutal, but I'll get to that later. Before the nightmare of HUE
At breakfast in the hotel in Siem Reap, spoke with Sara who asked if I was interested I visiting an NGO ( Non Government Organization ) Hospitality organization a few minute walk from the hotel Rebecca and I had heard of in Phnom Penh. The organization called "SHINTA MANI" and "SENTEURS d' ANGKOR" was started by the French NGO "Agir Pour Le Cambodge" in October 2002. each year the school trains free of charge about 100 young disadvantage Cambidians in the hospitality and tourism industry, and an adjoining industry that trains more students in the art of producing products fabricated from sustainable resources, such as soaps, herbs, spices, candles, and the like. More later.

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