Friday, July 9, 2010

Last Night in Dodge

Last night in dodge.
Just finished packing, since we will be returning here on the way home from Hanoi, I'll be leaving one of my suit cases here and pick it up on the return trip, we'll be here 2 more day's before we return to LA. Some interesting stuff last couple of day's, but I'll leave that until I get back. Had a mandated meeting with the crew and leadership regarding update's on individual research thus far, everything seem's to be kosher so far with every one. Suggestions that we buddy up on excursions for remainder of the trip, traveling uncharted waters for some of us. I'll be working with a few colleagues with similar research interest's ( environmental studies, economics, etc. ) should be interesting. I've learned much following our meetings with various government officials regarding the economic realities of commerce in reguards to food production and distribution in a socialist state. Now my focus will be the same issues in rural areas, where food production and distribution are pretty much for personal or local consumption.
I've been handed an opportunity to fulfill a long awaited need to return to where I spent a significant and important part of my personal history, and return to where I was stationed back in 1969-1070, a small coastal village on the South China Sea called Chu Lai, just north of Danang, this was my main base camp (The Rear) while stationed on and around fire support base LZ West in the Hiep Duc Valley. With a heavy heart I will be revisiting Chu Lai, for personal reasons I will keep to myself out of respect to the men I proudly served with during that important period in my life. Brian Doan who is a good friend and colleague from Long Beach City College and I will be taking a side trip from the rest of the group to the area where he has family, while I pay respects, Brian will be conduction research in the village of My Lai.
We plan to regroup with our crew prior to leaving for Hanoi to continue of collective research.
Had a terrific dinner with only 6 of the 14 in our group, some decided to do a city crawl on their own on our last night before the big move, I feel much anticipation in the air from everyone.
It's getting late, time to hit it.
Chef :)

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