Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Children

Brian and the group decided to check out the night market, I decided to stay in, and rest for tomorrow.
Few day's ago we visited a small village called PHNOM DA, about 20 km by small motor boat, through rice patty channel's, what a ride, the highlight of the trip! The group road in 3 different boats 4 passengers each, took about 1/2 an hour to get there. When we arrived we were greeted by a hoard of children the like's I haven't seen since the war, the innocences! No begging, no whining, just joy to see us. Brian brought a Polaroid instamatic camera took pix and gave them to the kids, they were fascinated, and fought over them like crazy, good thing he brought plenty of film, by day's end they all got copies. I took a ton of pix, to top things off, my Cannon 7D takes HD video, as I filmed and played back what I took the kids went nuts. It was hilarious to see the joy in their faces. We toured the ruins of 2 beautiful temples that had been bombed in 74' at the end of the war, what a shame, our guide gave an excellent description of the history of the area, while the kids ran around us like children will do with strangers, but in this case we might as well been from another planet. When it was time to leave we started to board the boats the kids started to jump into the water all around us. It was sad, but I left with a feeling of gratefulness for what I had waiting for me at home. On the way back, there were people on the banks hard at work fishing, tending their flocks of ducks, and working the rice fields, waving with beautiful smiles as we whisked bye. Time to ponder.

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