Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Bunches of stuff to talk about, and post. I went to the 11th floor restaurant in the hotel this evening to work on my journal, beautiful view! Ominous clouds in the distance from my view, while scribbling notes and contemplating photo's to post, blam!!, thunder and lighting, (been their done that), monsoonish rains hit like a ton of bricks, and continued for about 45 minutes, then stopped. I have much to catch up on now that I have the blog issues resolved (thanks to Brian, my room mate, and my brother Paul, thanks little bro), that's what happens when you go from PC to Mac.
Much of the trip so far has been pretty much academic stuff, politics, (remember where we are) economics, education, history, bla, bla bla, I'll just leave it at that, don't get me wrong I've learned a lot during this trip, and I'm happy to say, I'm in the company of group of extremely smart, diverse and fun people, but as far as my research is concerned, one can only eat so much Pho' , fresh vegetables ( no montezuma's revenge yet, please god, I forgot my med's Doc Collins forgive me!) and I'm avoiding local water with ice like the plague! Given the extreme heat and humidity, I never realized how many bottles of 500ml. AQUAFINA one could drink in a day(PEPSI's making a killing over here!) So far, as far as I know, nobody has had any problems with the fresh herbs and produce we've been eating either, but the trip is young. The crew made a 3 hour journey north today, that I opted out of for reasons I'll keep to myself, that gave me a terrific opportunity to do a market crawl to the local mercado, aside from the traffic dodge ball, and the unbearable heat inside the building, I had a ball, a chef's nirvana! Crew just called time for dinner, I'll continue later, if I can, hopefully post some shot's

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