Sunday, August 29, 2010

PS on Minsu

Getting ready for class Thursday, 27-7-10, my cell phone rings, it's Minsu calling from New York, he's 30 minutes from boarding for his flight back to Seoul. You can sense the sadness in his voice, but stated he loved the Smithsonian in DC, and was overwhelmed by the Grand Canyon. He said he was fortunate to be adopted by a group of brit's and other euro's, so he had plenty of time to practice his english.
I wished him good luck back in Seoul, and reminded him if he should ever have the opportunity to re-visit the United States, he has family here, and a place to stay.

Had our last meeting on Saturday, now the real work starts. We have until the end of January to submit our projects.
I'm having great time experimenting, and learning more about the cuisine of Vietnam and Cambodia. I've visited a number of related supermarkets in Long Beach and Little Saigon, now I actually know what I'm doing. In the past when I covered the chapter on Asia, I relied on what I researched from books, the internet, eating and talking to chefs at the restaurant and cuisine in question, not to mention asking questions from my students from those geographical areas. NOW, after visiting, studying, cooking and learning first person, I'm in hog heaven.
( Thanks Mike, Florence, and Bo).


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  1. nice! some of the hidden rewards of travel. The people you meet and the connections you make